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We began Declare Worship Conference in 2018 to connect music programs from churches of various sizes, denomination affiliations, and states. Over the years we have had some amazing times of teaching by prolific song writers, producers, arrangers, world-renowned vocalists and musicians, and many others! 


This year we felt a shift in what the Lord was leading us to do. Many times, the year flies by and Christmas music is hard to find, rehearse for, and make happen for the month of December. So, let us help get you covered for that! 


We are so excited to do our first ever Declare Worship Christmas Workshop! It is a one-day event happening, December 2nd, 2023. This workshop is only available for vocal teams to come and learn new music. Geron Davis and Kindred Souls will be here to teach, train, and equip us musically for the Christmas season. The workshop will take place at Sunset Avenue Church of God on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, from 1-4pm. 


Geron Davis is a musician, arranger, composer, and loves the local church! He is well known for penning the song "Holy Ground". Geron is married to Becky, and they have collectively written numerous songs including, "In the Presence of Jehovah", "Mercy Saw Me", "Send It On Down", "Holy of Holies", "Gentle Hands", "Peace Speaker", "I’m Gonna Make It", "Evermore", and "Something About My Praise". Kindred Souls is comprised of Geron, Becky, Geron’s sister, Alyson Lovern, and Alyson’s husband Shelton. Together they have been recording and performing for more than twenty years. The four of them come to us with a lot of experience in church music. You will not want to miss this time with them! All the music that we will be learning are originals from Geron’s Christmas collections. 


The cost is $10 per person. That covers Choir Sheets, ProPresenter 7 files, MP3's and more. 

In addition to the workshop, we want to invite you to come back on Sunday December 3rd for the Declare Worship Christmas Concert at 6pm here at Sunset Avenue Church of God. In fact, if you and your team would like to, all those who attend the workshop are welcome to sing in the choir for the concert on December 3rd. Soundcheck will start at 4:30pm. 


It’s going to be a great time to be encouraged, to network with other church music folks, and to add some new Christmas music to your set lists. 

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