Conference Schedule

Friday February 21st, 2020 

• Check-In 11am-7pm (Main Entrance of Worship Center)


• Lunch on your own


• General Session One- 1pm

Worship Service Featuring Jeff Deyo & Pastor Boyd Byerly


• Breakout One- 2pm (Choose One)

1. "Stage Communication & Service Prep" w/ Tobin & JoJo Shoemate & LeBron Arnwine

Communication is a must when it comes to leading worship. In this session we will be discussing communication in the band, with the vocal team and between the two. We will also discuss the importance of preparation before a worship service.             


2. "Oil for Pure Worship: Cultivating Intimacy w/God On & Off the Stage" w/ Jeff Deyo

Deyo is the founder of Worship City Ministries, the umbrella under which he creates, serves, and participates in a variety of ministries worldwide. Deyo’s ministry exists to help worshipers deepen their walk with God by leading them into His real and transforming presence. 


3. "Song Writing" w/ Central Collective

Have you written songs? Do you want to write songs? Come glean from the creative team, Central Collective. In this session we will be discussing how to include original songs into your local church and how to work together as a team of creatives. 

• Breakout Two- 3:30pm (Choose One)

1. “Spontaneous Worship" w/ Tobin & JoJo Shoemate & LeBron Arnwine

Spontaneous worship could happen at the end of your worship set, in between songs, or even in the middle of a song during an instrumental section. When the lyrics are done... but the moment isn't. In this session we will be talking and participating in just that.     


2. "Recording" w/ Central Collective

In this session we will go through different aspects of recording original music.  As a group we will write an original song and record it. 


3. "Vocal Technique" w/ Jody McBrayer

Gain knowledge and insight from Jody McBrayer who sings with Christian music powerhouses, Avalon and Cana’s Voice.  He is a musical arranger, worship leader, performer and vocal coach. In this session you will have the opportunity to glean from Jody’s expertise gained both from education and experience.

• Dinner on your own 5pm-7pm


• General Session Two 7pm (Doors Open @ 6:30pm)

Worship Service Featuring Central Collective

Saturday February 22nd, 2020 

• Late Registration- 8am-10am (Main Entrance Worship Center)

• General Session Three- 9am

Worship Service Featuring Jeff Deyo

• Breakout Three- 10am (Choose One)

1. "Choral/Worship Platform Techniques" w/ Geron Davis

Geron Davis brings his experience and insight to vocalists who sing in a choir or lead as a part of a worship team. Geron and his wife Becky are premiere writers and worship leaders in the church today.  Multiple Dove Award winners and nominees. Although they are writers/arrangers, publishers, and recording artists, their passion is worship and leading people into the presence of God. In this session, you will hear from one of the best on the concept of platform techniques!


2. "Rhythm Techniques for the Church Band" w/ Larry Kusic & Adam Marcum

Adam and Larry are known as “The Rhythm Guys”. In this session we will discuss techniques and tricks to keep everyone “in the pocket!”


3. Creating a Worship Culture" w/ Tobin & JoJo Shoemate & LeBron Arnwine

What does it mean to have a “worship culture”? In this session discuss how to create that within your team. 

• Lunch Included in Registration Fee


• Breakout Four- 1pm (Choose One)

1. "Stirring Up Passion Within Your Congregation" w/ Jeff Deyo

As a worship leader, whether you sing in the choir, lead in a worship team or play an instrument your goal is to lead others to worship our Creator. In this session, we will be discussing how you stir that passion within the ones you are leading. 


2. "Everyone Is A Volunteer: Got To vs Get To" w/ Matt Higgs & Regina Rush

Volunteer driven ministries can become demanding when seasons of life change. In this session we will discuss ways to make ministry something we “get to do” instead of something we’ve “got to do” out of obligation. 


3. “Cohesive Planning between Pastor & Worship Leader” w/Pastor Byerly

Sunday is coming, the Pastor has a series planned and the Worship Leader has a new song he/she really wants to do… How do you navigate that when “plans” do not really fit? 


• General Session Four- 2:30pm

Worship Service Featuring Cana's Voice